HVAC Surge Protection

Electronics and appliances have become an integral part of our lives today. Until recently, surge protectors were for electronics devices like televisions and computers. However, technology has advanced, and more manufacturers are designing devices with printed circuit boards making them vulnerable to power surges.

This includes new HVAC systems which can be easily damaged by lightning strikes and issues in the power grid. Although not all power surges will immediately destroy the electronic device, some will gradually damage it and degrade it’s performance. Minor power surges are always happening without our knowledge. To protect our HVAC systems, you need to use HVAC surge protection.

At A+ Air and Aerosol, we focus on preventative maintenance of your HVAC system by providing HVAC surge protection services. Your HVAC system is probably the most expensive appliance to repair or replace in your home. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it serviced and running optimally.

What Causes a Power Surge?

A power surge is an unusually high voltage in the electrical power system that lasts for a short period of time. Power surges can originate externally for the larger surges or internally for most small undetectable power surges. The source of internal power surges may be caused by not be limited to:

  • Faulty Wiring
  • Damaged Circuit Breaker
  • Faulty Electronic Appliances

The cause of external power surges may be due to:

  • Lightning Strikes
  • A Busted Transformer
  • Downed Power Cables
  • Power Grid Issues

Some regions with a high population put a strain on the same outdated power grid that when originally installed only served a fraction of the current population. As a result, burnouts and outages might be frequent, especially during summer when all households have their ACs running.

How Can an HVAC Surge Protection Device Help?

There is no way to predict damaged circuits, we can only prevent their damage through HVAC surge protection. These devices are for air conditioners, and heat pumps only. It goes into the AC condenser, and during a power surge, it automatically conducts the excess electricity into the ground. The MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) makes all of this possible without necessarily shutting down the AC unit.

The Benefits of Having HVAC Surge Protection

This is the best way to ensure your AC system is operating smoothly for longer. Though air conditioning systems last between 12 to 17 years, power surges can significantly reduce these years. Here is how having HVAC surge protection can save you money and headaches:

  • HVAC protection can protect your HVAC system from lighting and an impressive half a mile away.
  • Power surges extend the lifespan of these expensive appliances in our homes.
  • Since homeowner’s insurance excludes appliance repair or replacement, protecting them from damage can save you a lot of money.
  • Decreases the outage time of your air conditioner.

Installing An HVAC Surge Protection Device

The process of installing an HVAC surge protection device is pretty direct if you have the necessary training. Additionally, the labor costs will be nothing compared to potentially expensive repairs or replacements due to shoddy installation. Our HVAC technicians can install your surge protector either at the main breaker panel or at the unit’s service disconnect. The latter is the most effective location for protecting the air conditioner.

Why You Need to Install an HVAC Surge Protection Now!

When Arizona summer falls upon us, it means having the AC running throughout the day and night, putting severe strain on the electrical service. This will most likely lead to a power surge. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare ahead. Contact A+ Air and Aeroseal to install your HVAC surge protector so that you can have peace of mind while using your AC.