Heat Pump Installation

Depending on where you live, your home can experience temperatures ranging from below zero to sweltering heat over 115 degrees. This fluctuation can wreck havoc on your heat pump system. If you’re a homeowner this provides you with a flexible solution to help with heating and cooling the house.

Heat pumps are usually split systems, like a furnace and air conditioning unit combination, with the heat pump taking the place of the AC unit outside the home. Essentially it works the same way an air conditioner does with the exception being that it can switch to heat mode. In this setting the flow of refrigerant will run backwards to provide heat. These systems are mostly matched with an air handler or blower coil connected to your ductwork system, but there are some unique packaged or wall-sleeve varieties that are used in condos or similar applications.

Over the last 15 years, A+ Air and Aeroseal has been one of the leading heat pump companies in Arizona. It is our pleasure to successfully service and repair virtually all makes and models of heat pumps for homes of all sizes. If you see any deficiencies in your system please contact our team at 480-213-9201 and we will happily work to repair your HVAC system.


Benefits of Heat Pumps

  • Safer option compared to a combustion system
  • More cost efficient in comparison to boilers
  • Reduces the carbon emissions of your home with a more efficient energy to heat conversion rate
  • Require less maintenance compared to combustion heating systems
  • Dual-function ability to cool your home in the summer
  • Lasts for up to 50 years
  • Extremely reliable heating solution

Whether electric or natural gas units, the professionals at A+ Air and Aeroseal offer comprehensive heat pump service, from expert repair to replacement and installation.

We address heat pump issues like:

  • Low heat output
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Poor air circulation
  • Too much cycling
  • Nonstop blowing
  • Excessive noise
  • Failure to turn on

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

For many residential property owners, the decision between repairing and replacing a heat pump can be a challenging one. The choice becomes even more difficult if you’re dealing with an older unit, which up until now has been dependable and only started presenting performance issues recently. However, when it comes to heat pumps, the unit’s age is often the determining factor to consider. And that’s where A+ Air and Aeroseal comes into play. Our repair, service, and installation technicians have years of combined experience and expertise with most models available on the market today. We’ve successfully handled numerous HVAC system conversions over the years, helping property owners in the area make the switch. We start by evaluating the condition of the unit, checking for any system malfunctions and advise you on the best way to proceed.

As soon as you’re ready to explore your options, we recommend that you contact one of our technicians so that we can assess your specific needs for your home or office. We’ll guide you on the key factors needed to select the best system for your location.
As one of the best heat pump teams in the area, A+ Air and Aeroseal is the best choice for your heat pump installation and repair needs. Call us today and let’s discuss your project.