Preparing for Air Conditioner Replacement

Installing a new Air conditioning unit is sometimes less expensive than servicing an old one. Spending money and time to maintain and service an old AC unit that is always faulty may not be cost-effective. You should engage a professional AC installer from A+ Air and Aeroseal to give you viable options that would be efficient without breaking the bank.

Signs that You Need to Replace Your AC unit

The heat of the summer should not be experienced within the home. You want to be sure your house is adequately cooled if the temperature is overly warm. Unfortunately, air conditioning maintenance or servicing is often overlooked. And if your AC has served you for a long time, the chances are that it needs to be replaced.

The A+ Air and Aeroseal team wants you to enjoy a cool summer in the comfort of your home. If you are confused about whether you need an AC replacement, here are a few signs that the cooling system is due for a total overhaul.

Little or No Airflow

When your AC unit is malfunctioning, one obvious sign it gives is that it takes a long time to cool down the room. Dust and grime clogging up the unit’s piping/ductwork is usually the culprit, restricting airflow. This problem won’t go away on its own, hence the need for regular servicing. However, if it’s unable to cool down the room for some other reason, ancient age, chances are that you need an AC replacement.


Generally, Ac units produce moisture but not excessively. A machine that is working correctly should be able to handle the humidity without issues. If you find a leakage or moisture gathering around the AC unit, there is a likelihood of a refrigerant leak. Not only does it reduce the quality and performance of the unit, but it may cause serious health problems to your household. Damp areas are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which may be harmful to your health.

Noisy System

If your AC unit is becoming more noisy than usual, something is wrong. The strange sounds the unit is emitting could be chattering, squeaking, creaking, or grinding, and it’s a typical sign of aging. Most AC units provided by Trane Air conditioning Replacement Service are usually quiet. The noise is barely detectable. So if you find your unit making so much noise, it’s due for an upgrade.

Awful Smells

Just as noticeable sounds are a pointer that the unit is faulty, so too does foul odor from the system. Usually, AC systems are created to emit neutral-smelling air, so when you perceive a burning or smoky smell, the chances are that it needs immediate repairs or replacement.

High Energy Bills

If your cooling system is overworking itself without really cooling your house down, you might be paying for more than you use. Replace your AC unit to reduce the cost of energy bills and enjoy quality service.

A+ Air and Aeroseal can help you get your air conditioner repaired in no time or replace it with better quality. Find out what you need by contacting us or scheduling an appointment.

Factors to Consider When Preparing for AC Replacement

Replacing an AC unit may seem daunting to anyone, especially a beginner who might not know what to expect. So here are some essential factors to consider when preparing for an AC installation.


One of the most important factors to consider when preparing for an AC installation or replacement is your budget. From purchasing the preferred unit to installing it, you have to know how every cost fits into the budget. That’s why you must work with professionals from Trane Air conditioning Replacement Service. They would give you a breakdown of the various quality of units available and the cost of installing them, according to your budget. It is best to get a professional AC installer to do the work because of the risks involved if you try to do it yourself.


Be sure that the new AC unit is the right fit for the desired space. A professional AC installer can guide you on the right size for your home or office. An AC too large can cool the room too quickly without humidifying the air effectively. On the other hand, an AC too small may take more time than necessary to cool down the whole room; this is not energy-efficient.


Even though it’s important to purchase a new AC system according to your budget, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the quality. You want a unit that is of excellent quality and is durable; this usually doesn’t come cheap. Pay more attention to the specifications of the AC unit and if it suits your needs. It’s better to invest in a high-quality AC system than a low-quality one which will entail spending more money on frequent maintenance and repair.


You must install the AC system in the right location so that the whole room can be kept cool. Furthermore, you have to keep the AC condenser in a shady or dark place, as overly bright areas can cause it to overheat. Take into cognizance the airflow control to save you from additional costs. All these and more are what our professionals at A+ Air and Aeroseal would put in place so you can enjoy a hitch-free and comfortable summer.


Not at all the least, this last factor is equally important when purchasing a new AC unit. You can carry out your research on the right system for your home and check the specifications of how long the system would last. Or you can trust us to help you compare various models and their specifications so that you make a more informed decision about the suitable AC unit for your home. Note that a durable system helps you save costs in the future and comes with a valid warranty.

Whether you decide on a total AC replacement or choose to make certain repairs on the system, hire professional contractors to get the job done. It will save you the money, time, and effort needed for this kind of project. Also, you will enjoy a relaxed, comfortable summer in your home no matter the hot temperatures outside.

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